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Demand Letters And Your Personal Injury Claim


There are a lot of different types of jobs, and each industry has its own terms that are familiar to those who work in the industry daily but may not be familiar to others. For instance, if you work at an insurance company or in a law firm you know what a demand letter is, but if you were recently injured in a Florida accident and have never filed a personal injury claim before, this term may be new to you.

Essentially, a personal injury demand letter is a written document that lays out the details and evidence of a personal injury. It also requests compensation from the responsible party or their insurance company. A qualified Tampa personal injury attorney can draft a demand letter for you.

What Is Included In a Demand Letter?

Each case is unique, and there may be specific things included in one demand letter that are not included in another, but generally a demand letter will include the following:

  • A description of what happened. This part of the letter, the first section, will outline who was involved, where the accident happened, and when it occurred.
  • Next, the letter will point to facts of the case, including witness accounts and police reports, to illustrate who is liable for damages.
  • Connecting injuries to the event is required, so facts need to be shared about the injury, such as you seeing a medical professional soon after the accident and medical reports saying the injury is a result of the accident.
  • If applicable, pain and suffering will also be discussed in a demand letter.
  • Finally, an amount will need to be within the letter, one that you can clearly prove with your list of medical expenses and other accident costs and fees.

The demand letter is usually the first step in negotiating a settlement in a personal injury settlement. Your attorney will ask for an amount within the demand letter, but it’s important to keep in mind that the insurance companies may not accept a first offer. Instead, a process of negotiation, with settlement amounts being exchanged back and forth, could happen until a final compensation amount can be reached.

Can I Write a Demand Letter On My Own?

While you can write your own demand letter, making the decision to work with a Tampa personal injury attorney can shield you from accepting an amount that is too low. Your attorney will give your case a full review and will take care to provide all the information required to strengthen your claim.

Could a well-crafted demand letter help you to secure the financial award you need to move forward after a Florida accident injury? Bring your questions to the skilled legal professionals at HD Law Partners. Working with a lawyer who has a background in personal injury law can introduce you to all of your options so you can achieve a maximum recovery amount. With combined experience of over 40 years, the professionals at HD Law Partners will guide you through the personal injury process, call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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