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Compiling Lists And Preparing For The Divorce Process


Separating and divorcing is challenging. It is normal to experience a range of emotions, and on top of managing your personal life there are many details to address. Setting up an organization system and keeping lists can be incredibly helpful. Many even find maintaining a daily diary of facts beneficial, because then a range of information pertaining to your divorce is in one spot. This diary is not for personal thoughts, but a stand-alone log of factual information, including some or all of the following:

  • Date when you and your spouse separated
  • When and where counseling sessions took place
  • Date of dissolving joint accounts
  • Phone logs of conversations with your lawyer
  • When you and your spouse cared for your children
  • What bills your spouse was responsible for but didn’t pay
  • Debts incurred by your spouse

While not all these dates and details will be needed, over-documenting is far superior to having no records. After all, something that seems insignificant now could improve your case later, so keeping track of dates and conversations could give you an advantage during the negotiation process later. When you share information about your situation with a Tampa family law attorney, they can share paths forward with you.

Financial Planning and Your Spending Budget

Additionally, you will need to compile an array of financial documents, including bank statements, investment account balances, mortgage statements, and income verification records. Part of reviewing this document could be a realization that your financial resources and lifestyle will be impacted by the end of the marriage. If this is true for you, looking over your household monetary needs post-divorce means your lawyer can fight for a settlement that does not jeopardize your financial future.

Maintaining a household budget, while married, during a separation, and a plan for life expenses after the divorce is finalized could provide valuable information for the distribution of assets and debts.

In many situations, with care and preparation, avoiding court is possible. Reaching an agreement outside of a Florida court is often advantageous as it can be less expensive and gives you and your spouse more control over the particulars of your divorce terms, custody agreement, and parenting plans.

But when you have detailed records, a Tampa family law attorney will also be able to see when going through the litigation process is required in order for you to meet your goals, whether that is primary custody of your children, spousal maintenance payments, retaining certain properties, or a mix of different priorities.

Could you use some guidance on how to prepare for separation and divorce? During such an emotional life change, many find having a planned path forward helpful. To learn about what documents you will need to compile and what steps you can take to strengthen the likelihood of you achieving your post-divorce goals, connect with a Florida legal team. The compassionate lawyers at HD Law Partners have the background and experience you need. Connect as soon as possible, call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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