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Breach Of Contract Disputes


Managing disagreements is often part of doing business. When things are going well, situations can be handled through compromise and ongoing communication. But, of course, there are times when communication will not settle an issue and you need to assert your legal rights. This could be true for you if someone you have been doing business with has broken a contract. If you believe you are in a breach of contract situation, talk to a Tampa business & corporate law attorney.

Timing is important, there are time limits on defending and enforcing your rights during a contractual dispute. Sometimes court is required when losses have been significant and in the state of Florida you only have five years from the breach date to file suit. This five year period is referred to as the statute of limitations, it is rare to have this deadline extended. Getting started as soon as possible could help you secure the outcome you are seeking.

Material and Anticipatory Breaches

Not all contract breaches are the same. Some come with no or minimal loss while others severely harm a business. Once you bring the details of your case to the attention of an experienced business lawyer, they will inform you of the type of breach you experienced and how you could be compensated for your loss.

  • Material breach. If the point of the contract was breached, it could be considered a material breach. These breaches essentially mean the reason for the agreement, or objective, has been destroyed. So if one party fails to follow the terms of the contract, it is broken and the purpose of the original contract is defeated.
  • Anticipatory breach. Often a contract will include a set of events, transactions for example. If all of the transactions can’t be met, it could result in an anticipatory breach. Retractions are possible if the non-breaching party was not depending on items or services by the date set.

Looking into the type of breach is important as it can have an impact on next steps. For instance, if you are experiencing an anticipatory breach, you could move forward with legal action immediately or give the other party time to catch up with the terms of the contract.

Discuss Contract Law with an Attorney

When you have questions about contract law or other legal business concerns, bring your inquiries to the attention of a Tampa business & corporate law attorney. Working with a seasoned lawyer means you will have a professional on your side who is up to date in Florida business laws and knows how to protect your business from loss.

Is your business suffering because of a contractual breach? You need a legal professional on your side. Sometimes a compromise can be reached through negotiation, but in other situations courtroom appearances are required. Share your preferred outcome with the compassionate and aggressive legal team at HD Law Partners. Then, our lawyers can get to work, protecting your business from contract breaches and loss due to illegal behavior. When you are ready to get started, call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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