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5 Tips For Whiplash Prevention


When your body whips back and forth in an unnatural way, which can occur due to the sudden force of a traffic accident, you may find yourself coping with damage to the muscles and nerves in your neck and back following a Tampa car wreck. Doing what you can to reduce the possibility of sustaining harm to your neck or back is advised, but there is nothing you can do that will guarantee every vehicular incident you are involved in will be whiplash free.

After injuries due to a sudden and forceful Florida collision, talk to a seasoned Tampa personal injury attorney about your compensation options.

Positioning and Keeping a Safe Distance

In some situations, whiplash can be avoided by adhering to the following suggestions:

  1. Position yourself correctly. Too often, drivers get in and out of their vehicle without positioning the head restraint correctly. When a head rest is in the right position, it will be level with the top of the head and close to the back of the head. If the head rest can’t be level with the top of your head, it should be at least to the top of the ears.
  2. Wear a seatbelt, always. Having your body in a position that is as neutral as possible can assist in avoiding injuries in the event of a collision, and a seat belt supports this type of positioning.
  3. Follow the two-second rule. Of course, avoiding an accident completely is a way to sidestep whiplash injuries. Because of this, it is essential you travel at a safe distance from other cars, trucks, buses, and bikes.
  4. Travel at a safe speed. When a driver is operating their vehicle at a speed that is too fast, they are opening themselves up to increased accident dangers and more force, if an accident should occur.
  5. Preparing for impact, if possible. While a large majority of collisions are unexpected, if you are in a situation in which you know an impact is imminent, try to maintain a neutral position with your body, facing forward with your head touching the head rest.

Unfortunately, there are many examples of Florida drivers doing all they can to try and travel risk free but still sustaining an accident injury. That said, there are situations in which these guidelines are helpful in reducing harm.

Discuss the Details of Your Crash Injury with an Attorney

If a Florida driver rammed into the back of your vehicle and you are coping with whiplash injuries as a result of the collision, you are likely juggling an array of expenses. Thankfully, a skilled Tampa personal injury attorney can guide you through the claims process.

Is it time for you to be compensated? Car accident injuries, including whiplash injuries to the head and neck, are painful and they can come with high medical costs. To explore the possibility of financial recovery, talk to the lawyers at HD Law Partners. Even careful drivers who take all the protections available to them are not able to always avoid accident injuries. To have a legal expert on your side, call 813-964-7878.

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