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5 Steps to Filing Your Insurance Claim


With Hurricane Irma quickly approaching Florida, Wind and storm damage will likely occur.  If you become the victim of storm and flood damage, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company to start the recovery process.  You pay a lot of money for your insurance so it makes sense that if your home suffers damage, you will want to make a claim.  Depending on the cause of the damages and the type of damages your home suffers, your insurance company will be able to provide coverage based on the kind of policy you have. It is important that you take photographs of your personal belongings and home to document the condition of your home and the presence/existence of those belongings.

Your Claims Process May Be Different Depending On The Type Of Claim

Was it flood, wind, rain, loss of use, emergency mitigation? Or maybe temporary repairs?  Hopefully in all of these cases, especially if your home suffered catastrophic damages, by using these steps you will be ready to get your claim settled quickly and get the help you deserve from your insurance company.  Here are the 5 basic steps in filing an insurance claim.

Step 1- Contact a Claims Professional

It is always best to have another person take down the details of the damage or incident.  You will probably be shaken up following damage to your home and property and may not be in the best position to assess what has happened.  In a worst case scenario, a claims professional can ensure your physical safety and well being.  They can assist with serious damage, temporary repairs and dangerous damage like leaking fuel or gas.

After the fact, you will have a report or documentation to substantiate your insurance claim.

Step 2 – Collect Information You Need About the Damage and Claim

Having your insurance policy and damage report ready will help you keep track of the information you will need to file the claim.  It is important to document and photograph the details of the damages and be ready to provide them to the insurance company.

Step 3 –Call Your Insurance Company Right Away

Call you insurance company from the scene of the damage if you can.  They will walk you through the next steps and tell you what you need to send them.

If your house is not liveable, they will let you know how to make alternative arrangements.  If you don’t call them, so that they can help you understand your coverages, you won’t know how they can help and you may end up spending more money than you need to.

Once you have called your insurance company, they will open the claims file and you can expect the following steps in the claim process:

Step 4 –A Claims Specialist Gets Assigned to Your Claim

Once your claim is reported to your car insurance company, they will assign a claims professional, like an adjuster to work on your car insurance claim.  The claims professional assigned to you is there to answer any questions you have, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions, including about when your payment will be made and what to expect.

Step 5 –Getting Your Home Fixed and Claim Payment

Once the adjuster has done all their research you should have an estimate of the cost to repair, as well as whether you have a deductible to pay, and how the claim will play out. Carefully review the estimate and proposed payout.  You should consult an expert as to whether the estimate and payout will be sufficient to repair your home. If you experience difficulty in the claims process you should consult with an experienced attorney.

The attorneys at HD Law Partners have experience with assisting homeowners with their insurance claims. Should you or someone you know require assistance with their insurance claim, telephone the attorneys at HD Law Partners.

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