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Choose A Focused Time To Discuss Divorce


Marriages end in a range of ways. There are some spouses who know the union is in trouble for years before one person brings up the topic of divorce. In other situations, one spouse believes everything is fine and is then shocked when their partner shares a desire to dissolve the union. Asking your husband or wife for a divorce is never easy. Whenever possible, take steps to make your discussions as constructive as they can be.

Schedule a meeting with a Tampa family law attorney as soon as you are considering divorce or have been told by your spouse that they want to end the marriage.  Then, you can plan the next steps to create the future you want. Talking to a lawyer is productive and proactive, which can be empowering during the divorce process, an incredibly emotional time of life.

When to Talk About Separation or Divorce

Before you bring up the possibility of separation or divorce, be sure this is a path you want. If you believe there are problems that are in need of care, counseling could be pursued, for instance. Many find that talking through issues with a third party allows them to work through frustrations and pain. Sometimes, a marriage can be repaired.

If you have explored counseling but it is clear to you the marriage should end, choose to bring up divorce at a time when you and your spouse have time and space to discuss the topic. Sit down when the kids aren’t home, set your phones to the side, and have an honest conversation. Your spouse may have thoughts about the possibility of divorce that they want to share right away or they may need time to process what you have shared. Do not immediately jump to negotiations about custody or assets, that can all be done with legal guidance.

Of course, there are times when a calm, honest conversion is not the best choice. If abuse is present in a relationship, documents can be drafted by a lawyer. You should not put yourself in a situation that could result in physical abuse or emotional abuse.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Options

If you have gone to counseling or are not interested in counseling and believe your marriage is beyond repair, talk to a Tampa family law attorney about the pros and cons of arbitration, mediation, or litigation for your specific situation. When mediation is possible, for example, the process could be a lot faster and less expensive than it would be for someone who pursues litigation. That said, if you are in a high conflict situation, litigation may be required to achieve the outcome you are seeking.

Has your spouse asked for a divorce? Whether you are surprised or suspected the marriage was ending, you now need to talk to an experienced legal professional. Determining what your goals are post-divorce is important. Then, you can share your objectives with the legal team at HD Law Partners and our experienced attorneys can work to secure the future you want. Call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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