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Am I Eligible For An Uncontested Divorce?


While some divorces lead to drawn-out court battles, there are also situations in which the marriage is dissolved amicably. One option for a fast divorce in Florida is the simplified dissolution of the marriage process. As long as both people are in agreement on the divorce terms, the divorce can be completed within 30 days of the filing date.

In order to pursue a simplified dissolution of marriage the union must not involve dependent children, a pregnant wife, or alimony. Additionally, there is a residency requirement and both people have to agree to the divorce terms and sign off on the marriage being irretrievably broken. At least one of the people needs to have lived in the state of Florida for a minimum of six months. If you want to talk through this option or explore other avenues as you do not meet all of the requirements, talk to a Tampa family law attorney.

Parent Plans and Financial Disputes

If you are co parenting with your soon-to-be-ex spouse and have disagreements about how assets will be distributed and who will be responsible for long-range expenses, it will not be possible to have a simple, uncontested divorce. That said, you may not have to participate in an explosive and expensive court fight either. There are other solutions.

Bring all of your documents to a meeting with an attorney and share with them the details of your situation, including where you are in the process, what you are hoping to achieve, and what you believe your spouse is seeking. There could be a path for your attorney to negotiate through divorce terms with your spouse’s lawyer. Particularly if the two of you are seeking different things. Maybe one of you wants the marital home and the other is interested in securing a retirement savings account, for example.

Solving Disputes Through Mediation

Of course, there are times when particular areas of dispute create roadblocks, when it feels like there is no way for you and your spouse to land on an outcome you both can agree on. Then, a session or two with a mediator could be worthwhile to pursue.

A divorce mediator is a legal professional who works as a neutral third party. They are at the meeting to help each party gain perspective on the situation. The meeting has a set timeframe, which can help with conflict resolution as well. Your Tampa family law attorney can attend the meeting or meeting with you, to be sure your interests are fully represented.

Is an uncontested divorce a possibility for you? Every state has its own family law rules that must be followed when a marriage ends. To learn more about Florida family law and how to secure your post-divorce objectives, connect with the compassionate lawyers at HD Law Partners. After our skilled attorneys listen to the details of your situation, they can share the ups and downs of uncontested agreements. If you need more support to land on a final agreement, mediation or litigation could be options for you. To begin the process, call 813-964-7878 to schedule a free consultation.

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